Courtney Tole – Hospital Team Leader / Veterinary Assistant / Customer Service Representative

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Courtney Tole joined Alta Vista in October of 2013 after working for our sister hospital Woodland West for several years. Her interests are surgery, canine medicine, and the care of animals in the hospital. She owns a bottle baby calf named Bessie and three canine kids: Jell-O (jack Russell), Confetti (Catahoula), Spirit (Albino Doberman).

She has a huge passion for animals big and small. She enjoys giving her free time helping Legacy of Hope Pit Bull Rescue. Besides work, she has a huge passion for photography, cooking, fishing, bonfires, line dancing, two stepping, and spending time with friends and family.

Lisa Chesebro – Veterinary Assistant / Customer Service Representative

Our Doctors

Lisa joined our hospital family in early 2014. She grew up in a rural town in southern Kansas. Lisa fell in love with animals while working with her cattle and other large animals. After graduating college in 2008 with degrees in both cosmetology and Accounting, she moved to Tulsa. She married her husband, Brandon, in 2011. Her hobbies include hunting, fishing,and playing with her dog Oreo.

Jessica Padilla

Jessica had been with the Alta Vista Animal Hospital family for about three years. She first came to us as a volunteer at age 15 and fell in love with the animals as well as the staff. Jessica was offered a job, which she gladly accepted and has been working with us since. Her passions include taking care of the animals here in the hospital as well as the four small ones she owns herself. She also enjoys participating in school clubs, such as the debate team, and is a member of many leadership programs such as SkillsUSA.

Jessica is a Latina who has been around animals, big and small, all of her life. She was born in the beautiful small town of Tlachichila located in Central Mexico and was always surrounded by horses, cattle, dogs, cats and birds. This exposure to animals made her develop a deep passion for helping them. She wishes to become the voice of these helpless creatures in the legal system so she is currently enrolled in the Criminal Justice Program at the Tulsa Technology Center.