Anissa Whimple

Annisa is the manager here at Alta Vista as well as at our Broken Arrow Pet Resort location. She’s been with the company since the beginning of 2018 but has worked with animals since 2011. Anissa is from West Virginia but found a home here in Oklahoma. Her favorite part of the job is being able to comfort the pets and pet parents, and assuring them we will do our very best at taking care of their fur babies. Her favorite animal is a horse, and her favorite breed of dog is a mixed breed because how could you not love the rainbow pups. Anissa’s biggest secret? Which isn’t so much a secret anymore . .  . she’s secretly becoming a cat lady. 



Tiffany Tole

Tiffany has been with AVAH the longest! She is our wonderful dog groomer! She has worked with rescue dogs her whole life, making this a great place for her to be! She loves every single one of the kids that have come through here. Tiffany enjoys rock climbing and mudding in her Jeep and spending time with her family during her spare time.

Amy Knight

Amy has enjoyed being part of this awesome staff since January 2017. She has 1 dog and 2 cats in my constant company, and a slew of fosters at any given time. Amy volunteers with numerous rescues in her spare time, doing anything from transporting to microchipping, she’s been doing it since she was 18. In addition to volunteering, she also loves going to the lake, paddle boarding, and drawing. Amy is not picky when it comes to animals, she just loves them all, but her favorite breed of dog is a Pit Bull. 



Sara Bowers

Sara moved to Oklahoma from Austin, Texas in 2017. She graduated from Community Care College with their Veterinary Assistant program. Sara likes to go fishing and spend time at the lake in the warm weather and spend time with her boyfriend, David, and their 3 dogs — really if it’s an excuse to get in the sun, she’s there. Her career at Alta Vista started in 2018, and her favorite part of what she does is being able to make the animals feel comfortable, calm, and loved during a time when they feel sick and need it the most. Her favorite animal is, surprise, a dog!  A fun fact about Sara is that her greatx2 grandfather, Chester Hazen, founded the first “traditional” cheese factory in Wisconsin — it’s true, ask her about it. 




Taylor Roepke

Bio coming soon!

Daphne is from Tulsa and has been working with animals since 2020. She loves her job because of who she gets to work with … the coworkers and the dogs, of course! She’s always getting to multitask here at Alta Vista so she never gets bored. Her favorite breed of dog is a corgi, but if she had to pick a favorite animal it’s definitely a Quokka (look it up, they’re adorable!). When Daphne isn’t at work she’s either at the gym or spending time with her friends and family, she’s a busy bee, to say the least. 

Brenda is a receptionist and kennel tech from Houston, who’s worked with animals since she started here at Alta Vista in early 2021. She loves staying busy and working with animals so what better job to get than here! Her favorite animal is a dog, and her favorite kind of dog is a German Shepard. Brenda also spends time with her family and gets super artsy outside of work, she loves painting and drawing to kill time. 

Haylie has been a kennel tech and customer service representative with us since 2019 but has worked with animals since 2016. Her favorite part of the job is being able to work in the lab with the microscope. She is from Sperry, Oklahoma, and has been around animals her entire life. Outside of work Haylie competes in 5ks, dances and loves arts and crafts — she’s always doing something new. Her favorite breed of dog is a Sheltie, but her favorite animals are caracals and raccoons. The most interesting part about Haylie?? She has webbed toes.